What happened will not be changed. For that we are sure that we will become famous, because it has already happened. When? In the future.

How do we know? To find out, we'll have to tell you the true story of our T-shirts.

A message from far away

The truth is that they are not our ideas. We are too stupid to have original ideas. The truth is that these shirts are from the future . We invented them, but in fifty years. We will decide to contact our past selves to anticipate the times and get rich before the Trouser Revolution conquered the world.

The Revolution will happen

We are sure of our success, because the Trouser Revolution has already happened. When? In the future. Our fifties have assured us that the world has changed, and that clothing is no longer the same. The biggest revolution since the invention of breeches is going to rock the planet and we'll be the ones to make it.

A mystery and a responsibility

We cannot know everything about the future, obviously in order not to hinder the space-time continuum that would project us into an ultradimensional black hole in which we would be trapped talking only about pizza tastes. However, the privilege that the men of the future have given us means a lot to us, and we feel it as a great responsibility. If we fail, we will blow up the universe.