Welcome to the future

Luke & Pole is the brand that wants to revolutionize T-shaped clothing

We want to be free.

We want to rethink the world as if we had never known it. We want to invent, rebuild, lay the foundations for an existence that can be something never seen before.

This is the Revolution.

We deny standards, conventions, facts. We ignore habit and common sense, we destroy intention.

"Different worlds, intertwined in an innovative project that prefers to identify itself in an intellectual movement rather than in a brand."

"One word, in italics, in black ink."

"The guys behind the T-shirt revolution surprise once again: they can make a T-shirt talk (rather, scream)."

Before buying them I had never kissed a girl. Not even now, but I no longer feel the need.


I've been using these shirts since my arms grew. There is no better out there.


I think it was just a shirt, and I was right. What a shirt, guys.


I've spent my life wondering how to put a shirt on. For the first time I received the instructions.


I don't know why I'm here, they offered me a canapé.


Avada Kedavra


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