In this section, we present the active research within the context of the Pantaloni Revolution. Currently, we are in Phase 2.

Surnames that are also real words

We are collecting all the Italian surnames that are also real words, like Giovanni Rana or Valentina Fagotto. You can help us complete it by reporting an extra surname.

You can consult the Official List or learn more about the topic .

Report a last name that is also a real word

The Three Phases of
Pants Revolution

Phase 1: Deconstruction

Adapting to today's clothing, overturning the meaning and demonstrating the weakness of the concept. Revealing the deception. Assault on intent.

Phase 2: Reconstruction

Stage performance of the protest. Affirmation of the revolt in a decisive and decisive way, wearing what, until recently, would have had no chance.

Phase 3: Liberation

Exit from sense-nonsense dualism. Breaking down the strange-normal difference. Definitive liberation. Closure of Luke & Pole and disappearance of the Pants Revolution.

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