Do you have an idea or a project?

We are always open to listening and collaborating on projects related to our vision.

If you have a project, an idea, or a creative skill that you would like to propose or discuss, write to

Work with us

The possible methods or types of collaboration are described on this page. We ask you to read all the information carefully.

If you think you have found a suitable position you can contact us at

University Internships

The possible internships are divided according to the area.

Marketing, creativity and social media

Administration, Warehouse and Accounting

Independent work

Are you a photographer, a graphic designer, a creative of some kind, or an expert in something we don't know experts exist in? You can write to us at, if possible including a portfolio.


We currently do not have any open positions. You can still send us your CV to and we will save the contact in case we need it.

Project proposals

Do you have an idea you want to propose to us? Read the Guidelines below, and if you think your idea is suitable you can write to us at