Manifesto della Rivoluzione Pantaloni

We have a dream.

The dream of a world where people buy white shirts and write random words on them with a marker, where they swap shirts on the subway and walk around with slippers on their heads.

A world where you can put an umbrella in your backpack even if it doesn't threaten rain, a world without ice cream vendors or hairdressers, without bus timetables or lace-up shoes.

We deny the conventions, the lists, the lines at the petrol stations, the signs and the motorway bypasses, we reject the offers on the mattresses and the rosemary crackers.

The Revolution is impermanent, useless, imperceptible, meaningless and purposeless, and that is why it will work.

It's time to reinvent what we call clothing from scratch. Let's cancel definitions, break down canons and build a fashion that is simply things we wear, without meaning, without purpose.

It's time for the Trouser Revolution.

There is only one choice: do you want to change the world?

Don't call us t-shirts,


we are


Italian Trulli