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Discover the first tree-shirt collection, the t-shirt that plants three trees

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Change yourself

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Luke & Pole together with Flowe and ZeroCO2 present:

Change yourself

You can't solve today's problems with yesterday's shirt. In collaboration with Flowe and zeroCO2 we are pleased to present "Cambiati", the t-shirt that plants three trees .

For every t-shirt delivered Flowe thanks to zeroCO2 will plant three trees in Guatemala.

The "Cambiati" t-shirts are made of 100% undyed organic cotton . This allows to considerably reduce the use of water and the production of toxic waste.


e il mondo cambierà

Take part in one of the largest reforestation projects

Sustainability is not just a fad: we must put ourselves in the shoes of the planet right away if we want a future for our Earth.

For this reason, Luke & Pole and Flowe have created the SpreadTheTreeshirt project, a huge sustainable chain , with the aim of creating a forest . In fact, for each shirt, Flowe, together with zeroCO2 , plants 3 trees in Guatemala which, given to local families, over time become a source of economic and food sustenance.


Segui l’hashtag e non fermare le catena: regala le tree-shirt a delle persone speciali e aiutaci a creare una foresta.

Who is Flowe?

Flowe is the payment account that takes care of the Planet

Together with zeroCO2, it engages in impactful projects to counter the climate and social crisis , offering people the tools to build a more sustainable future. Indeed, when you spend with one of the debit cards, Flowe plants a tree for every 100 payments * of all users, to offset CO2 and contribute to the reforestation process.

*from 9 May 2022 to 31 December 2022

Who is Luke & Pole?

Thanks for asking. We are four guys from Modena who had little to do and thought that writing "Pants" on a shirt was too stupid an idea to fail.

We also make hats, horse robes and give availability for christenings and graduation parties.

Ah, our dream is to send a shirt to the moon.