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Every minute of our lives has been on a weekday.

Can we really say we are free?

Every day of our lives has been a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Thursday, a Friday, a Saturday or a Sunday.

We have never experienced a moment that was not within a day of the week.

It's time for a change.

A new calendar

No more months of variable lengths that can only be remembered with little catchy songs.

The year is divided into 13 months of 28 days each. Every first of the month is always Monday, and each number of the month can be associated with a day of the week.

13 months of 28 days are 364 days. For this, an extra day is added, the G-Day , also called the Day of Days or advancing day, which is no day of the week .

Included with the Calendar is a handy guide with details of its use and some notable dates according to the new time counting.


G-Day is the first day in history that is not any day of the week. This ensures that every first of the month is Monday and that the Calendar is valid for any year.

G-Day is set between October and November . In the Gregorian calendar it corresponds to November 5th.

G-Day is a day of great celebration in the name of freedom.

Frequent questions

Is it only valid for one year?

How do leap years work?

How can I calculate the corresponding day in the new calendar?

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