Lorenzo Pini: "The vegan"

If it were up to him, all the earnings would go to charity, and parcels would also be delivered by bike to the top of Mont Blanc. We keep him in the team only because his mother offers us a warehouse and his deft tongue manages to fool customers and girls. Don't introduce it to your girlfriend.

Tommaso Valenti: "The do-gooder"

Master of diplomacy, Valenti has the ability to never take the wrong side, and cleverly twists the speech by recalling the morality that distinguishes him. Failed goalkeeper, he consoles himself by picking up T-shirts from the shelves and throwing boxes into the couriers' trunks. They say he has six toes on his left foot, which is why he has never been seen in slippers.

Luca Marverti: "The unknown"

His diet consists solely of pizza and pasta with tomato sauce, but despite this he manages to churn out crazy ideas, which enter and exit his perpetually wide-open mouth. Impossible to pinpoint it, he can ignore a problem until six months later he realizes that something is not right with him. Loose cannon, he allows himself to muddy the waters only because his name comes first.