The True Words are words that exist outside of personal or circumstantial denominations. For example, 'Fork' or 'Blackbird'. Others are borderline and still need to undergo further analysis, which we defer to future studies. A preliminary draft definition of True Words is described in the last paragraph.

Surnames that are also True Words are all surnames that would exist as words anyway even if they weren't surnames. For example,  John Bread or James Buffet.

A Catalog of Surnames that are also True Words

Currently, we are committed to creating the largest Italian Catalog of Surnames that are also True Words. To do this, we are noting in an Official List all the Surnames that could also be True Words. In the end, we will decide on the final criteria for determining when it is a True Word or a Non-True Word.

Report a last name that is also a real word

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On the definition of True Word

Given that it is a draft and much can still be studied, we propose an operational definition of True Word.

The definition is as follows:

A True Word is a word that, read out of context, will appear only as a word.

For example, reading 'blackbird' extemporaneously will only evoke the word 'blackbird' (or a blackbird, as rightly happens to be evoked by the corresponding word), while reading 'castellini' immediately makes it clear that it is not a True Word.

The definition is clearly flexible and leaves a wide margin of subjectivity, but it is the first necessary criterion to impose a minimum filter.

For more precision, further studies will be necessary.