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The Organized Technical Section Redefining Fashion Today (STORMO) is the innovative governance system of Luke & Pole Incorporation (if you're a lawyer, we're not really an inc.).

And so what?

Anyone can join the STORM. Each user will be assigned a quantity of FISH (Commercial Shopping Equivalent Score) corresponding to the number of L&P products owned, with different weights. At the moment, the distribution of FISH is set at 1 FISH for every €4 spent. The number of FISH will be the weight in the future voting of the STORMO.

What will it be for?

The STORMO will be able to influence future L&P decisions, have access to special events, discounts or packages, suggest ideas and participate in our epic mission to the Moon.


We want ours to be a collective movement that aims to destroy the canons of fashion. Only a community effort will lead us to change the world and bring about the Trouser Revolution.

Coming soon

  • VIP board
  • So much more that we can't even imagine

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