It's time for us all to be a little Roberto

by Paolo Casarini on 02 October 2023

When we are born we are given a name. To be precise, it is given to us even before we are born. Sometimes it is given to us even before we are conceived, or even before the word "conception" has any meaning for us.

Everything has a name. This is how they taught us the world: with names. And every name has an implication: a "glass" is something used for drinking. And so the amazement of those who see me eating pasta with it, or worse, placing a watch on it, is not surprising. The “glass” is made for drinking, right?

And what are we made for? What is a “Paul”? What is a “Roberto”? The name makes us unique, it makes us another object, new, never existed. Literally, a new word. But each definition carries its own limitations, price for the convenience of using it. I am a “Paolo” and I cannot be anything else. I start with my head and end with my feet. “My” head, and “my” feet. But what does it mean? Why do I have to start there and end there, why do I have to be me and not someone else, but above all: why do I have to be something ?

What if there was a world without names? As Chuang Tzu said: Where can I find a man without words, so that I can talk to him?

Another universe can be imagined. Where everything has a name, has all names, has no name. Just imagine it. Go beyond limits, beyond definitions. It's time to think of a new world, a world where everything, if we want, can be Roberto.

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