Surnames that are also Real Words

by Paolo Casarini on 01 March 2024

True Words are words that exist outside of personal or circumstantial denominations. For example "Fork" or "Blackbird". Others are at the limit and have yet to be subjected to a more in-depth analysis which we will leave to future studies. A first draft definition of True Words is described in the last paragraph.

Surnames that are also Real Words are all surnames that would still exist as words even if they were not a surname. For example Valentina Prato or Gianfranco Scatola.

A cataloging of surnames that are also real words

We are currently busy creating the largest Italian catalog of surnames that are also real words. To do this we are scoring in one Official List all Surnames that could also be Real Words. Ultimately we will decide on the final criteria to determine when it is a True Word or an Untrue Word.

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On the definition of the True Word

Given that it is a draft and that much can still be studied, we propose an operational definition of True Word.

The definition is as follows:

A True Word is a word that, read out of context, will seem like just a word.

For example, reading "blackbird" in an extemporaneous way will only make you think of the word blackbird (or a blackbird, which as rightly happens is recalled by the corresponding word), while reading "castellini" immediately makes it clear that it is not a True Word.

The definition is clearly labile and leaves a large margin of subjectivity, but it is the first criterion necessary to impose a minimum filter.

Further studies will be necessary for more precision.

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