What's the point of a T-shirt that says Pants?

by Paolo Casarini on 27 September 2023

This is a question we've been hit with a bunch, and it's got us thinking too. 'Cause let's be real, most of the time, we're flying blind. Like, we didn't even consider this stuff when we kicked off. But the fact that folks keep asking kinda tells us there's something to chew on here.

And now, I've got a sorta-answer, though "answer" might be pushing it.

We were wondering: what's up with a T-shirt that says "Pants"? The thing is: why does it gotta have a point? We just wanted to slap "Pants" on a T-shirt 'cause it cracked us up. The idea of a T-shirt screaming "Pants" tickled us, and so did the thought of someone selling 'em. And it still cracks us up. Why's everyone always hunting for meaning?

What I'm getting at is this: before we go looking for answers, let's kick back on the question. 'Cause asking it like that assumes some things that ain't exactly given:

- That there's such a thing as "sense."
- That a T-shirt's gotta make "sense."
- That if you scribble something on a T-shirt, it's gotta mean something.

But what if "sense" ain't even a thing?

And truth be told, it ain't. "Sense" depends on how we're wired up upstairs. It's all relative: something "makes no sense" only in a certain setup. Like, "it makes no sense" for my chair to suddenly sprout wings in a world where gravity's king (which it is), but in the grand scheme, it's just noise to say it "makes no sense."

So, what's the deal with a T-shirt that shouts "Pants"? There's no answer 'cause there wasn't even a question to start with.

And so, we're hoping this could kickstart something, for us and anyone else who's along for the ride. Let's try busting outta our comfort zones, poking holes in what we've always taken for gospel. 'Cause honestly, I reckon the world's way more wild than we give it credit for, and there are realms of possibility we ain't even scratched the surface of.

So, in a way, that's the vibe of a T-shirt that says "Pants."

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