What's the point of a T-shirt that says Pants?

by Paolo Casarini on 27 September 2023

This is perhaps the question that deserves a more thorough answer. A explanation more detailed. There can't be an answer, in fact, since the question doesn't make sense.

The embarrassment that I (or others) feel at being asked demonstrates how the thinking of the Revolution deviates, in some way, from the linear and "hypothetical" thinking that leads us to ask this absurd question. Now I will explain what I mean.

Imagine coming to me dressed like this: green sneakers, light blue jeans cinched around the ankles, belt sticking out, white Nike T-shirt and open red lumberjack shirt, necklace tucked into collar, and all-black sunglasses.


Now imagine that I ask you:

Why did you choose to wear a skirt today?

Answering it would be complicated. The immediate answer would be "I don't have a skirt," and that's the point.

“What's the point of a T-shirt that says Pants?”

Answer: “A sense? Who ever talked about meaning? There is no sense, there never was and never wanted to be.”

Any other answers, such as "It's a joke", "Why not?", "It's a joke" only serve to appease the hecklers on a night out at a disco, but they are not the true message of the Revolution. It's also true that it's a slam to explain precisely, so for quick situations any answer is fine. However, the Revolution is an experience, and cannot really be described in words.

The fundamental point, and I'm going to close, is that asking "What's the point of a T-shirt that says Pants?" it means hypothesizing a priori that there is a meaning. If I ask "What color are the leaves of that tree" I am assuming that the leaves are there. But if not?

The final mistake therefore lies in suspecting that the word Pants was put there to tell us something. But the truth is, it's just there.


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