What is the Pants Revolution? (part 1)

by Paolo Casarini on 13 October 2023

What is the Pants Revolution? Let's start from the beginning.

The origin of the Revolution:

The Pants Revolution was born by chance. Four shirts initially came out: Pants, Front-Back, Straight-Up and Dressy. Stop. Then in 2021, while building the new site, I decided to include a Manifesto.

You can read it here .

What is the Pants Revolution?

Deep down, I would say that the Pants Revolution is a change of perspective, or rather, an enlargement, or better yet, a loss of perspective. A loss that at the same time implies the gain of any perspective.

The "world as we know it" is actually the "world as we were taught it", or the "world as we learned it". There are extremely simple things to think about, but they make us ask: "But why?"

An example is the Pants t-shirt. “What's the point of a t-shirt that says Pants?” is a question that shows an intrinsic weakness of our concept of sense-nonsense. (Full article here ).

Why does it bother us when a shirt says Pants on it? Why does the idea of ​​a place that only offers tea and baked potatoes bother us? These are extremely normal things, that anyone would have liked to think. Yet, at first glance they "make no sense".

The Pants Revolution is the disappearance of sense-nonsense. It is not the redefinition of a "new sense" and a "new nonsense". It is the elimination of their difference, it is the disappearance of the concept of meaning and, consequently, of the concept of non-sense. The consequence is the possibility of doing everything, as there has always been. And everything includes what is happening now. It can happen, it can't happen. It doesn't matter, but it matters to know that this may not be the case.

And the question is: how many things are there in front of us but which we cannot see?

PS: Note on the word "Revolution"

It might sound like the name of an "event" that happens at a "moment", but it's actually more of a perpetual change. This is to say that it is not intended to be a punctual achievement but a change of perspective. It is therefore not a "thing to be achieved" for the sole purpose of achieving it. It is the means, not the end.

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