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by Paolo Casarini on 27 March 2024

Let's start from the beginning: words are a tool of both internal and external communication and define the way we understand the world and reality.


Now, the words all come to us from old traditions or at most they are added by transforming English words or to make 50 Rai 3 reports on a child who made a mistake in writing and invented one.

But a new word could have many practical purposes. For example, it could help us to understand reality in a different way, or to make an explanation simpler, or to be particularly suggestive.

It is clear that anyone can potentially create a word, but:

  1. It is not so simple to define it precisely without it becoming just a synonym
  2. It's not so simple that everyone understands it, in fact it's basically impossible

Starting from these assumptions, here is a way in which words could be rented.

Words for Rent

First of all, what does this company/firm/whatever you want do:

  1. Create new words
  2. Create a context around these new words that determines their use and usefulness
  3. Rent these words to those who want to use them

Now, we have already said the first two points before why one should want to do them. But the third? In the end everyone could use whatever word they wanted.

Yes, but everyone can also copy Britney Spears at the parish festival, without going to prison.

For rented words it would be the same.

There would be a general copyright on their use and a range of situations in which they cannot be used. Because in reality, if you think about it, letting them be used normally can help the word advertise itself a lot. It's marketing. If it becomes a word that everyone uses normally, but that no one can use in official contexts (such as songs, speeches, books,...) then renting it suddenly makes sense. Above all, let us remember, when it expresses something that cannot (except perhaps with difficulty) be described using other words.

So for this it would work.

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